Summer = St. Johnswort

“Hot Fun In The Summertime”, is not only the song that sings “summer” to me (thank you Sly and the Family Stone!)  It’s the mantra which means it’s time to tune into the vibration of St. Johnswort and all of its associated fire/sun energy.  For once she blooms-a-plenty, I will get out into the field for the purpose of connecting, communing and collecting St. Johnswort flowers.

St. John’s wort blooms on or very close to the feast of St. John the Baptist which is June 24th.  A time when my Celtic ancestors were preparing the traditional Bonfire for St. Johns Eve (June 23rd) and celebrating through the night.  A time close to the Summer Solstice.  All this “sun energy” infused into one brightly lit flower!   Like the beacon of a lighthouse, I trust that she will call, informing me with the when and where the harvest will take place.

It happens on a bright, sunny day.  (Which this summer is a miracle unto itself with all the rain we’ve been having!) Thankfully, the temperatures aren’t too oppressive.  It’s a long and delicate process, and I am equipped with sunblock, sunhat and long sleeves.  Communication and connection are freely flowing.  One of my favorite observations to make while I am harvesting is something I was taught early on….”Follow the Bees.  They will show you the best flowers.”  Not only are they pointing me in the direction of the most energetically potent flowers, but by following them, I am engaging in an ancient dance with the bees.  Step by step I follow the bees lead……which, naturally, becomes the secret  and most luscious ingredient of my harvest.  Like I said, Hot Fun in the summertime!  And I have to admit, following the bees is simply intoxicating.  So here I am, blissfully engaged in the practice of being out in the sun, for hours, carefully choosing and harvesting  St. Johnswort flowers for the purpose of making an infused oil.   It’s one of my favorite summer rituals.


So now, my beautiful harvest sits in a jar, St. Johnswort flowers infused in organic Sunflower oil.  She sits on a railing of my deck here at The Nest.  I watch her as she continues her sun worshiping practice which, now, provides the power to transform her bright sunny yellow to a deep “Blood of Christ” red (one of St. Johnsworts common names.)

I’ve purposefully chosen this location because it’s the entrance to my front porch, and my home.  It allows me to give my St. Johnswort a smile as I pass it with each coming and going.  Watching the color transformation is exciting as I commune, connect and wait for completion.

P.S.  Stay tunned for another post, as I will share a picture of the delicious color of the finished oil!