Nurturing life, at The Nest, with Fire, Feasting and Seasonal Celebrations.



Women of the 13 Moons       A Sacred circle for nurturing the Divine Feminine within, and the power of sisterhood. Inspired by the work of Jamie Sams, this is a monthly gathering focused on the sharing of Native American Wisdom through the storytelling tradition of her book “The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers.”


Intention:  We gather, creating a circle of women, as did our ancestors, for the purpose of connecting our heart to the heart of the Mother; one heart as women of the earth. 


Each circle will begin with ritual elements, continue with the tradition of storytelling and shared insights, and end with a pot luck feast.  You are welcomed to bring a drum, rattle, bell or any other expression of sound as inspired.


Gatherings follow a lunar year, meeting once per moon.

Sundays 4/11, 5/9, 6/13, 7/11, 8/8, 9/12, 10/10, 11/14, 12/12


These will take place outdoors, so dress for that occasion.


Exchange:  Make an offering by bringing something from the earth as a gift to the host. 



Seasonal Celebrations          As the wheel of the year turns, the earth offers opportunity for personal growth through set intentions infused with the energy of the season.  I have scheduled these celebrations to make them as accessible as possible so some fall on the specific date, others on a Sunday close to that transition.


Spring Equinox:  March 20th at 12:00pm Fire, Rebirth & Renewal, Feasting & Hike

Summer Solstice:  June 20th at 6pm Water, Sweetness of Life, Feasting & Hike

Fall Equinox:  September 19th at 4pm Walk to Lake, Meditation, Letting Go, & Feasting

Winter Solstice: December 19th at Sunrise at the Lake, Welcoming the Light, Fire & Feasting


Exchange:   Since these celebrations are meant to be collaboratively designed, a communicated intention to attend is essential.  Everyone will bring a pot luck dish to share at the feast, and also a ritual element, which will be celebration specific, and shared at the time of commitment.  For instance, it could be a candle, a stone, incense, etc.


Cross Quarter Celtic Festival Days


Contact Margo for more information on these offerings marking Beltane (May), Lughnasa (August)Samhain (October), and Imbolc (Februrary)


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