Offering her “picked at peak” plants and herbal preparations for over 20 years, Margo has built her practice on the wildcrafting of local medicinal plants throughout the Adirondacks, the Hudson River Valley and beyond.     Margo’s unique preparation techniques and ingredients include her deep reverence for the earth.  She creates a silent agreement between the plant world and her clients making each preparation with you and your needs in mind.  Preparations are made by hand, in small batches, and are organic or biodynamic in nature. Using unique techniques and ingredients reflecting her deep reverence for the earth.     



Offering internal & topical preparations including, but not limited to:

    • Marinated Tinctures (large batch – $ on size requested, plant material still in jar.)
    • Individual Tinctures $11.00 per ounce.
    • Culinary & Medicinal Herbal Infused Vinegars  ($ priced individually based on the batch)
      • Including  my signature “Fire Cider Vinegar.”
    • Fresh & Dried Plant Material $5.00 per ounce – leaf, $7.00 per ounce – flower, $9.00 per ounce – roots.
    • Syrups & Elixirs ($ priced individually based on the batch)
    • Face and Body Creams $25.00 2oz jar
    • Lotions & Salves ($ priced individually based on the batch)
    • Plant Infused Oils ($ priced individually based on the batch)
    • Body Scrubs $20 per 4 ounce jar
    • Bath Salts ($ price individually based on the batch)

Everything is harvested and made with warm hands, reverence for the earth’s gifts, and a heart filled with gratitude and love.  

Please contact Margo for a list of available plants and plant preparations, size options and pricing.  Custom order also accepted.


Wellness Consultations 

Your body has an intuitive wisdom which finds a way to communicate even the most subtle need for attention. When tuned into its voice you can sense the message your body is giving. Yet, if not heard, our bodies will take the route of an imbalance (illness) to get our attention.
My approach is to work with you to understand the language of your body while exploring pathways to the root of the need(s).

Consultation Fees:
      $75 Initial appointment is 60 minutes in length, includes a thorough patient intake conversation.
      $35 Follow up visits are 30 minutes

Custom crafted, plant preparations are priced between $10 – $40 each, depending on what is recommended.


Energy Balancing – One Light Healing Touch Master Practitioner             $95 – $125 (sliding scale)

Purpose of Energy Balancing is to address the various particles of accumulated “stuff” creating an imbalance to our mind, body, spirit. These imbalances directly effect our heart, limbs and physical organs as well as our emotional and spiritual bodies.

One Light Healing Touch is a gentle modality that “balances” and:  

    • Enhances your ability to get and stay grounded
    • Clear and protect your auric field
    • Eliminate obsolete programming
    • Cut bondages, and strengthen one’s core.

Margo incorporates use of  over thirty profoundly effective, spiritual and energetic healing techniques from the shamanic, esoteric and holistic traditions.

Each session is tailored to meet your needs and goals for personal, transformational growth, wellness and/or balancing the mind, body and spirit.  

Energy balancing begins with an initial client intake conversation where goals are set, and ends with a more relaxed and balanced you!