Medicine Woman of the Earth & Guide
Shower me with opportunities to nurture and deepen my connection with the earth in all its wonder!
Allow me to see that each of us has a gift to share.
That I need, only, to open my heart and set pure intentions
In order to participate in the conversation, between me and all of my relations.
Acknowledging my unique role, as an active participant,
In the Oneness of this beautifully rich, abundantly generous, harmoniously loving and balanced world.


Many of us do not get outdoors enough.  Connecting to Nature feeds our souls.  Today’s fast paced, plugged in culture breeds “Nature Deficiency Disorders” in young and old alike.  Giving ourselves the time to ‘be” is one of the greatest expressions of Peace and Love we can provide.  Not only does it touch us deeply, in healing ways, but the effects ripple out to our friends, families, communities and the Earth and Cosmos.  Take the time…to be in connection with nature….and restore the vibration of harmony in the world.


So, I invite you to explore my Herbology offerings and see if there’s a class, workshop or gathering which speaks to your heart.  If something touches you, answer nature’s call and reach out to me.  Let’s begin the conversation which holds the potential to profoundly change and enhance your life.


Peace on your journey, Beauty on your Path, and Green Blessings from Me to You ~ Margo