Walk in the footsteps of many who have come before us and seek your wellness upon the wonderful, wild earth!


Walk on the Wild Side

For thousands of years, the plants have been whispering…beckoning us to gather “in the wild”.  Let’s answer that call and do what many have done throughout the ages:  work with the plants at their peak in the location they are thriving in!  Using techniques from various earth based traditions, discover the many benefits of:

       Approaching the plants with an open and receptive heart.

       Working intuitively.

       Setting intentions for the exchange.,

       Asking permission as a way of giving respect.

       Giving thanks.

       Making herbal preparations on the spot!

As you can imagine, this makes for a most magical experience for both person & plant alike. This practice will empower you to create the best herbal potions you have ever experienced!  After all, you are what you eat. So why not partake in what the Mother herself is providing!

On each outing, we’ll enter the field, forest, &/or stream-side – depending on where the plants are calling. We will be working when the plants are ready to give – cultivating a relationship with them to last a lifetime! These field tripping days are “plant at peak” sensitive, therefore location will be given one week prior to class as well as a supply list. Due to this sensitivity pre-registration is required. Students enrolled in the Seasonal Attunement Apprenticeship are welcomed to attend these field triping days for additional practice at no additional costs.

Exchange:  $180.00 for series,  $30 for single class

10:00 am – 12:00pm Monday 5/29,  Wednesday 6/28, Sunday 7/9th, Saturday 8/5, and 11:00pm – 1:00pm Sunday 9/10, Saturday 10/21 and Sunday 11/19


Seeking to know the plants which grow on the land you are entrusted to?  Contact Margo for a custom Field Tripping experience right in your own backyard!