“ I trust Margo’s connection to the natural world. Her patient teaching of communicating and honoring the plant kingdom, is comforting.  She is full of life as she teaches of their medicine, and lust their for life.”

Sarah Barker


 Dear Kindred Spirit, We are but one light. 

 Allow me to share with you what the earth and the plants have shared with me.  You will not be disappointed as field, forest and stream; mountain, earth and sky become teachers.  Helping you to “remember” that which is in your DNA, passed on to you from our Ancestors.  ~In harmony & Gratitude, Margo


Walking the Wheel                 A Cycle of Life Apprenticeship               Happening in 2023  

A four season journey exploring the energetic life cycle of ALL living things with a focus on natural growth patterns. Following the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, and the teachings of the four directions, we will tune-into the rhythm life cycles of the earth, trees and plants, flowers and roots, and ourselves.  Let’s explore ways in which we can actively participate in making a living, conscious connection to the web of life by becoming stewards of the earth and nurturers of our own wild natures.

During each session we’ll: 

     Experience the plants through the use of our 6 senses as we touch, smell and taste along the way of the wildcrafting path.

     Playfully record our plant observations through the artistic use of journaling, sketching &/or watercolor painting (no previous experience necessary!) 

     Harvest/Gather wild growing plants and learn traditional ways in which to work with them at their energy peak and readiness.

     Explore nature based teachings including the elements, the seven directions, animal totems, season to body organ relationship and the plants that correlate to that need.

This course is a journey for a new perspective!  A deepening of the Intuitive! Where you will learn to read and attune to the natural rhythms of a living, breathing earth and participate in the great exchange called life!


Meeting once each season.  Each class building upon the other for a full 4 season cycle of life apprenticeship.  


Exchange: $525

Includes a wild inspired, organic lunch, all course materials, & Field Trips.
(See “Field Trips” under “Herbology”)

Commitment:  Saturdays May 6th, July 8th, October 9th & November 4th.       10:00am – 4:00pm



The Budding Herbalist                     An Intensive Plant Practicum

This course will be offered in 2024

An Eight Month Journey taking you into the magical world of wild (medicinal) plants.  With an open heart and feet on the earth. Learn how to identify plants, their gifts and the many ways in which we can work with them.  Using the plant as teacher principal, we’ll meet and greet many local wild growing plants, while you get to know your individual plant ally(s).


This course is designed for the beginner or the practicing herbalist who would like to get out of the book and into the fields and forest around them.  Upon completion of the class, you will know and work intimately with eight wild medicinal / edible plants, gain holistic knowledge through direct hands-on experience in harvesting and preparation practices.


Exchange:  $675

Includes a wild inspired, organic lunch, all course materials, & Moon Gatherings.




NOTE:  Students enrolled in my Walking the Wheel class are welcomed to attend these gathering days with no additional exchange.