“As we were getting wedding ready, we were thinking about what type of ceremony we would have and who would officiate? After giving it some thought, it dawned on us that our very long time friend Margo would be the perfect fit for us. Margo s the type of person that every person should have in their lives. She has the most infectious positive energy and balancing demeanor. Anyone that meets her instantaneously feels her calming and peaceful energy that just radiates through her eyes, her voice and beautiful smile. Having such a personalized ceremony was the most beautiful part of our wedding and we know every single one of our guests felt the love and devotion my husband and I have for each other. Thanks again Margo for making our day so special!”

Alison Renee Spinale


“Margo, I appreciated deeply the ceremony of Healing and Gratitude you conducted for my house last Saturday. The spiritual and emotional energy with which you infused the house and grounds was strong and very positive. Especially meaningful were the symbolism of each altar, the writing technique you recommended for me to show gratitude to the craftsmen who repaired the roof and ceiling, and your use of Native American ritual practices. The fact that you tailored this ceremony specifically to my situation gave the ceremony much greater spiritual impact. I give you a heartfelt “Thank You” both from myself and from the house, too. All the best, Dennis”